Since 1961, ACA has been a global technology leader and solutions provider in continuous Aluminum Coil Anodizing and in service center processing and distribution.
With four continuous coil coating lines ACA can meet the demands of the lighting, architectural and solar industry.
ACA provides quality aluminium products for the most demanding applications.
ACA are much more than aluminum and anodizing.

Lighting Innovations . Architectural & Specialty Applications . Solar Solutions.

The ACA product portfolio includes:
  • Anodized Aluminum: For Bonding, Coating, Laminating. Sheet & Coil.
  • Lighting Sheet:  Specular, Texturized. Matte, Embossed.
  • Anodized Foils:  Slit & Cut Blanks from 0.076mm
  • Decorative Metals: Wide Range of Colors, Finishes, Substrates.
  • Interior & Exterior Architectural Aluminum
  • Painted & Coated Products:  Reflective & Clear Lacquered.
  • Chemical Cleaning, Etching, Brightening. Laminating.
  • Anodized and Lacquered Aluminium : For Solar CSP Reflective and Concentrating Mirrors
  • Reflectors and Louvers
  • HID Reflectors
  • Retrofit Reflectors
  • SkyLights & Daylighting
  • Interior Automotive
  • Illuminated SIgns
Also available are Semi – specular, Matt and Special surfaces like Spec+, Hammered and Tannenbaum all for lighting louvre and back reflector applications.


Glass infused aluminum reflector materials for new energy alternatives. Better than Glass. Better than Aluminum.

First-of-its-kind process technology is the key. You’ll benefit from this breakthrough that’s exclusive to ACA Corporation. During the process; ProtectALTM layer becomes part of the anodic surface. It forms as well as conventional anodized products, and has reflectivity equal to conventional specular anodized finishes; the final product has a glass-like surface, and is resistant to ultraviolet light.
  • Outstanding reflectance
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Drains moisture and dries faster than conventional reflector surfaces
  • Available in patented composite panels that are easy to fabricate and install
  • Reflectance and Corrosion-Resistance warranties up to 30 years based on application
    and location
  • Available in sheet and coil
The ideal choice for solar troughs and other solar collector applications.
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