A.L.P. is the leading lighting component supplier in the U.S market with products like vacuum metallized plastic louvers, acrylic diffuser sheets, lenses, weather proof plastic fluorescent gasketed enclosures, lampholders, aluminium and plastic eggcrate louvers, retrofit kits, adaptors and suspension systems.
A.L.P. is the world leader in the manufacture of vacuum metallized parabolic and eggcrate plastic louvers with the PL5 louvre (square cells of size ¾” x ¾” x 3/8” )being the most popular. The PL5 louvre is a standard stock product.
With the takeover of the SPECTRUS group (brands Lexalite, PSI and Genesta) A.L.P. are now the clear leader in plastic based, high quality and efficient lighting control products.
A.L.P. also have one of the most extensive ranges of acrylic diffuser sheets and films for LED diffusers having very high transmission and excellent lamp hiding capabilities. A.L.P. also have a standard range of wraparound diffusers for fluorescent and LED lighting.
Unique acrylic diffuser sheets like Lumieo, ML Frost, MPC lens, ML Clear and Lumieo Film, all suitable for fluorescent as well as LED light fixtures, are all available as standard stock products. And the economical but high transmission P12 prismatic acrylic diffuser sheet is also a standard stock product.

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