WhiteOptics™ develops and manufactures the WhiteOptics™ Reflector based on a highly reflective plastic substrate. The reflector is unique in that it has extremely high diffuse reflectance and has greater than 97% reflectance across the visible spectrum, allowing light fixtures to be designed with more efficient light output while the highly diffuse nature of reflection allows the light to be distributed evenly with a low-glare aesthetic.
Every time a light ray is reflected, a portion will be absorbed by the reflecting surface.
Many current fixture designs involve multiple reflections to achieve good aesthetics for indirect lighting or tight cavities. Used in such situations, a high performance reflector will minimize absorbance from multiple bounces and maximize the usable exiting light. A small difference in reflectance can make big difference in lighting efficiency.
For typical indoor lighting applications, many designers would like to present a uniform, soft lighting experience, avoiding unpleasant glare and uneven “hot spots.” This becomes even more critical with LED light fixtures where diffuse reflectance is needed to hide multiple lamp images and mix colors.
White Optics Reflector material is today a popular reflector material for fluorescent as well as LED light fixtures.

White Optics Features White Optics Benefits
97% Reflectance Increased Light Output, Energy Efficiency
Highly Diffuse Low Glare, Uniform Reflectance
UV Stable, Does Not Yellow Increased Product Life
Antistatic Low Dirt Depreciation
Cleanable With Common Cleaners Easy To Maintain
Color Neutral No Color Shift, No Iridescence

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